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"What is this?"

…is probably the question your Chinese target-customer is wrestling with, too. To them, Britain's cities, education, opportunities & products are shrouded in the uncertainty of a foreign language! 

Consumers crave information and processable context - especially when major life decisions are involved!

So, how do you create the value consumers desperately crave?


By offering localised, immersive and persuasive video marketing.

And that's where I come in.

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All Videos

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How will a Mandarin 
sales video help you sell more?

Here are three facts:

1 - In China, video is marketing!
2 - Many people don't speak English.
3 - All of them have different values & priorities.

I write, present and produce localised, Mandarin sales videos.


Because there's no better way to sell to Chinese people than by speaking their language, addressing their needs, and establishing trust.

Creative Laowai videos:


- are a digital automation of your sales pitch

- can be shared, posted and DM’d

- are designed to achieve your specific goals
- make your brand 100% accessible to all Chinese consumers & decision makers
- convey detailed, persuasive information to viewers
- intrigue and create a deep emotional connection 
- reinforce the British heritage of your brand
- stand out from competitors' marketing

The Westerner-to-Chinese advertising dynamic is powerful. And through personal experience in China, I understand how effectively this concept is leveraged.

Want to share some ideas?

Contact me at

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