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Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Stew 魏司徒 – an independent
video marketer going by Creative Laowai!

I'm here to help you hit your goals.

And whether that's selling more, explaining

your brand or spreading your message, 

video's the most powerful tool for the job.

Consulting your team, I'll handle everything from concept creation, to filming and post-production. And I take great pride in being good to work with!

Laowai means foreigner in Mandarin  - and it

tells my story. At 23, I moved to China. I fell in love with Mandarin, and eventually began channeling my language skills into making 

Mandarin marketing videos. I help Western brands make better connections with Chinese consumers by offering more experience, deeper understanding & cultural representation.

And I make English video marketing, too!

I’m bursting with ideas, and have a

portfolio of satisfied clients.

So, whether you’re selling to English or Chinese speaking consumers, let's explore some ideas!

Stew 魏司徒

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